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Yoga and the Mechanics of Health

Yoga and the Mechanics of HealthHealth is fundamental to lead a good life. We spend a tremendous amount of time thinking, writing and talking about health. We even have an incredibly powerful industry currently spending more than $3 trillion annually.

As individuals, we are bombarded with suggestions that we may try to adhere to – any number of things preceded by the adjective “healthy” – including eating and sleeping habits, exercise regimens, relationships and even pets. Unfortunately, our obsession with the concept of health has not translated into a healthier society. How do we reconcile the increased level of interest in the concept of health, while our general health seems to be deteriorating? It is essential to address the mechanics of health to become truly healthy. Sadhguru, yogi, mystic and the foremost authority on yoga, provides insight into what being healthy really means.

Sadhguru: When we say “Mechanics of Health,” no individual cell in the body can be ignored. It is a known fact today that in this cosmos, in every manifestation of creation, whether it is super-large or ultra-small, there is a correlation and coherence between every subatomic particle that is instantaneous and enduring. If I touch this body here, what happens is it reverberates with the rest of the cosmos. This is not philosophy or some esoteric language – this is the language of modern physics. When this is the situation, how much coherence we have within the system determines many things.

The human system or an organism of any kind can be coherent on many levels. Let us look at the five basic levels of coherence. One aspect is geometric and mathematical coherence. In yoga, we pay attention to how we sit, because if you achieve geometric and mathematical coherence, things you never thought existed will become a reality for you. It is like going and adjusting your antenna – what was a blank screen turns into the world pouring itself into your sitting room – just because of geometric coherence. The next is biochemical coherence which doctors are dealing with on a daily basis and are trying to manipulate with pharmaceuticals and traditional medicines.

The next is energy or electromagnetic and electrical coherence within the system and with the surrounding atmosphere. Then come quantum coherence and finally, consciousness. These different levels of coherence are not separate from one another. It is just that modern science fragments everything and studies it separately. When you as a cardiac surgeon say you want to look at the mind, you understand that what we do in the mind is going to happen in the heart. Coherence is not only about the mind, but definitely, every thought that you generate, every fluctuation that happens on the level of your mind reverberates through every cell in the body. Which part of your body gets affected could be largely genetic that you inherit from someone.

Health and Yoga
Every part of our body has been manufactured
from inside. We have the intelligence and the competence to create a heart, a brain, a liver, kidneys –
everything. For whatever reasons, it has gone bad. When it has gone bad, philosophies and logic won’t do. We want a solution. If we want a solution, is it a comprehensive solution or only an immediate solution?

Are we only trying to extend life or do we want life to be nourished and flourishing?
The word “yoga” means union or coherence between the limited and the unlimited, the physical and the non-physical. Many people who have come to us when they were scheduled for bypass surgeries, and simply by doing certain fundamental things right with themselves, many have “bypassed” this bypass surgery. Unfortunately, most people won’t do anything sensible until you fix a date for their bypass surgery! Then they panic and come to us. One thing they did when they were with us was to take charge of the five elements – water, air, earth, fire, and space – within the system and outside the system. Seventy-two percent of our body is water, twelve percent is earth, six percent is air, four percent is fire – the rest is space. The technology of yoga is rooted in bhuta shuddhi, the cleansing of the five elements. If you bring in a few simple yoga practices into your life, you will see that health will be a natural outcome.

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